Canadian Mist Whiskey Review – How good is Canadian Mist & its Facts

Canadian Mist Whiskey

Here is a detailed review of the Canadian Mist Whiskey!

Canadian Whiskies are a niche on their own. There are not many collections that you can boast of, but a few that are there are really good and warrant a try.

Blended Whiskies are really good with Canadian distillers and Canadian Mist Whiskey is one such brand that will definitely leave you feeling good overall.

Coming from the same distillers who gave us the Premium “Collingwood”, Canadian Mist Blended Whisky is a 3 years aged one with 40% ABV.

It is understood that they are aged in White Oak barrels, so you will definitely feel the Bourbon-ish notes everywhere.

Move on further for Canadian Mist Whiskey facts, ratings & recommendations.

Canadian Mist Whiskey Facts:

Type: Blended Canadian Whisky

Distiller: Canadian Mist Distillery

Bottler: Canadian Mist Distillery

Cask: Not Mentioned

Age: 3 years

Strength: 40% ABV

Proof: 80 proof

Mash Bill: Blend of 100% Corn Whisky with Rye-heavy Whisky

Canadian Mist Whisky Review:




Caramel flavors hit you right at the beginning and there is plenty of it. There is a bit of Astringent feel to the nose along with citrus fruity hints but that is just a passing cloud as you feel more of buttery notes. 

You also feel the honey flavors and of course a little corny sweetness to the overall nose.

There is absolutely no harsh feeling about this whisky and that is a great thing to feel about.

Since this is a blended one, you will definitely feel a lot more flavors when you try them.


This is where you get a lot of spicy flavors due to the higher content of Rye from one of the blends. There is no denying the fact that there is some sweetness running through. 

During an extended hold at your palate, you will feel the sweetness of Caramel and hints of Vanilla followed by Maple and definitely Oak.

There are also claims to have a raw coffee and grain flavors but that is only very light and sometimes negligible. Overall, a quite strong flavorful palate.


Caramel definitely wins the race to the finish, possibly due to the 100% Corn blend, but also equally competed by the Spicy Rye flavors all through.

The finish is smooth and the final note ends up being a little dark and bitter, possibly due to the earthy rye flavors.

Some other prominent notes during the finish are maple syrup, Vanilla, Coffee and roasted nuts.


What starts out as a sweet, fruity drink, ends up being a little dark and bitter. But the overall blend is smooth, sweet and good enough for a starter to enter the Whiskey world. 

However, if you are looking for something sweeter like a Bourbon, or from the opposite spectrum of something Smoky and peaty, Canadian Mist Whisky is NOT for you!

Cocktails that you can make with this Canadian Mist Whiskey:

All popular Cocktails that use Whisky can be prepared using Canadian Mist.

RECOMMENDATION: People prefer drinking this Whisky on the rocks as it smoothes out the overall flavors a little more.

If you have experience in Whiskies, this one will give you a new pleasant feeling.

On the other hand, if you are trying to enter into Alcohols & Whiskies, this is still a decent one to try out, but approach with caution.

RATING: 70/100



1. What does Canadian Mist Whisky taste like?

This one has all the characteristics of a Corn and Rye Whisky with sweet Caramel flavors and Spicy Rye bitters all at the same time. You also get dried nuts flavors here and there.

2. What kind of Whisky is Canadian Mist?

Canadian Mist is a Blended Whisky with 100% Corn whisky blended with High-Rye Whisky. Barley Malt is also used as a blend.

3. What is the Age Statement of Canadian Mist Whisky?

This one is aged for 3 years at least in the White Oak barrels, similar to Bourbon whiskies. That may be the reason, Canadian Mist has so many similarities with Bourbon.

4. What are the tasting notes of Canadian Mist?

Since this one is triple distilled, the more sweeter notes are reduced and feels only a little sweet when compared to the Bourbon. The dark, bitter tastes are felt at the finish.

5. How to drink Canadian Mist?

People prefer drinking this on the rocks, but this Whisky is also good for Cocktails like Manhattan and Sazerac.

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