Chestnut Farms Bourbon Detailed Review – Facts, Tasting Notes & Ratings

Chestnut Farms Bourbon Review

Chestnut Farms Bourbon isn’t enough for you to find out the distiller’s original name or anything about the company that makes this Bourbon.

The bottle itself claims that the product comes from Clear Springs Distilling Company but you would not get any more information about this company elsewhere.

Only after a little bit of research, we understand that the Original Company name is Sazerac Company in its Barton distillery, so it has some history at its back.

The Whiskey Land Mascot

Ah! I also found Clear Springs Distilling Company produces Costco brand Bourbon

The Whiskey Land Mascot

Ah! I also found Clear
Springs Distilling
Company produces
Costco brand Bourbon

Coming into the actual Chestnut Farms Bourbon drink part, I am actually quite surprised by it.

Reason being, there are no Marketing nor recommendations nor anything that makes this product visible to the world. So, this Bourbon can be termed as some kind of Hidden Gem, actually.

Chestnut Farms Bourbon Facts:

Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distiller: Barton 1792 Distillery

Bottler: Clear Spring Distilling Company

Cask: Charred New American Oak

Age: No Age mentioned (NAS), however it must be at least 4 years old as it is a Straight Bourbon

Strength: 45% ABV

Proof: 90 proof

Mash Bill: 51% Corn, Rye, Malted Barley

Chestnut Farms Bourbon Review:




The nose is quite complex yet light in feel. I use the term Complex because of the different types of Aroma that one can feel when nosing this drink – it usually includes Caramel, Vanilla, Rye and a little bit of fruity flavors.

However, this is light because the flavors do not HIT your nose right up front. They are soft and smell subtle along with a little Sweet oak aroma. This smell quickly fades away as well.


You would naturally start sipping this drink because the Nose is not too long and the pleasant flavors will push you to have a sip on it sooner.

As soon as you start sipping and hold for a while, you will notice a strong and Intense Spicy flavors that will hit you at the pallet.

Typical Bourbon flavors of Caramel and Vanilla will take over along with Honey and Oak. You also feel the sweetness from Brown Sugar and of course little Oak flavors all around.

However, if you mix the drink with a little water or some small ice cubes, the intensity goes down and provides you a smoother palate with all the aroma and spicy flavors coming at you a little smoother and helping you get them down your throat at ease.  


The Finish is equally fine and strong just as with any other good Bourbons.

You also tend to get a lingering flavor of spicy oak and black pepper along with slight Cinnamon and Caramel hint that gives the Finish a medium to long type.

However, it is not going to give a burn down the line and is generally light and soft with a strong oak feel all along the way.


An easy to drink bourbon with all the basics covered and hints of additional flavors like the Honey, dry fruits and so on.

Well balanced and fine for casual drinking. However, this Bourbon might not make you want for more! 

RECOMMENDATION: Absolutely Recommended. If you are someone who loves a Simple yet satisfying Bourbon, Chestnut Farms Bourbon is up there for you!

RATING: 85/100


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