Is Whiskey Good For You? 10 Health Benefits Of Whiskey

Is Whiskey Good For You?

Whiskey, the most revered spirit around the world, is by far the most discussed alcoholic drink as well in the spirits category. The name itself comes from Gaelic word “Uisge Beatha” which means “Water of Life”. 

Whiskey’s origin dates back to several centuries when people originally used this kind of preparation for medicinal purposes.

Even now, there are plenty of arguments as to whether drinking Whiskey is good for health or not? 

Leaving aside the fact itself, we need to first understand that alcohols are BAD for health without a doubt, when consumed in large quantities. There is absolutely NO evidence denying this fact.

On the other hand, when consumed in smaller quantities regularly, Whiskey can come good in terms of plenty of Health Benefits. There have been several proven theories and researches to support these facts.

So, here we are – to answer your question – Is whiskey Good for you?


10. Calms your Nerves:

As always, one drink of Alcohol is really good for your body. It helps relax your nervous system, lowers your heart rate, improves blood circulation and hence, a complete relaxation at the end of your day. 

However, two glasses a day can have negative effects on the longer run.

9. Reduces Stress:

The barbiturate effect of alcohol has been known to help reduce stress. This is because of the fact that alcohol has sedative properties and hence prepares you for sleep.

That is why, having a small drink at night, can help you sleep well and improve your overall health.

8. Aids in Digestion:

People are known to layer their food usually with little Wine or other alcoholic drinks which they believe have good digestive properties. This is also true with so many Digestifs – drinks that are known to enhance your Digestion after a long meal.

Alcohol stimulates production of Pepsin, that helps break down protein in food and hence accelerate digestion. 

7. Lowers risk of Dementia:

Dementia is a condition where people tend to suffer frequent memory lapses, and loss of cognitive functioning. Whiskey, or in general alcohol is known to reduce the risk of suffering dementia.

A study in 2003 stated that adults who drink up to 6 drinks a week are half likely to suffer this disorder than non-drinkers or heavy drinkers. Again, the control is in your hands.

6. Effective against Cold:

While Whiskey or any other alcoholic drinks like Rum, Brandy, etc does not directly fight Cold, it helps dilate your blood vessels and help decongest and aid in effective fight against germs. Drinking alcohol for Cold has been in practice since long back.

Whiskey, mixed with herbs, lemon and honey is as effective a drink for Common cold as any. It warms you up inside and you can effectively feel your body lighter and relaxed.

5. Holds good with Diabetes:

Diabetes, universally feared, has been known to cause several health complications. You would also not be able to eat anything interesting of your liking. This has been the case with millions around the world. 

However, drinking Whiskey could make your day. With absolutely Zero Sugar and Zero Fat, you can be assured of no effects on Diabetes. At least, this will not worsen your diabetes, however, there has not been any evidence of it reducing the disorder.

4. Boosts your Immune System:

Whiskey does not just contain alcohol, it has plenty of other natural and useful nutrients. It is just that alcohol is over-amplified and most talked about.

Of course, Alcohol has its own medicinal properties, but larger consumption has its own demerits.

On the other hand, it has traces of vitamins and minerals. Though they may not prove so much good, the anti-oxidants and these traces together can help a little bit. Again, only a little bit.

3. Prevents Stroke:

There are plenty of discussions about Whiskey being an effective drink for heart health. Do you want to know how?

Whiskey is said to be a natural blood-thinner. This helps in smooth flow of blood through vessels. A recent Harvard study confirms that, single drink of Whiskey is good for your heart, prevents stroke, cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. 

Once again, we must reiterate, Whiskey in low volume is good and higher is dangerous.

2. Reduces the Risk of Cancer:

Whiskey is known to possess Ellagic Acid, an effective antioxidant that absorbs malignant free radical cells in your body that cause cancer. 

However, this is not your treatment to Cancer, but just reduces the chance of getting cancer from this type of issue in your body. 

1. Effective for Weight Loss Diet:

The Weight loss Diet has been followed by so many people nowadays, that people just stop unnecessary food habits when they go on a dietary restriction. Good news is that Whiskey need not be stopped!

YES, you heard it right! WIth absolutely zero Carbs, Sugar and others, there is nothing that is going to impede your weight loss diet if you drink a glass of Whiskey. 

Of course, this is only if you drink it neat. Adding mixers like Soda or Coke is not going to help you!

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