Texas Ranger Whiskey – Review, Facts, Ratings & Recommendations

Texas Ranger Whiskey Review

Coming straight out of Rebecca Creek Distillery, Texas Ranger Whiskey is a Blended Whiskey type that has found its own sweet spot in this segment of drinks.

In the words of its makers, they blend different whiskeys using Limestone water and with hints of vanilla, caramel and toasted nuts.

Blending an 8-year Old Bourbon Whiskey with the necessary flavors, this one is as sweet as it can get.

Before getting into the actual review part, let us look at some of the facts that we could gather about this Blended bottle.

Texas Ranger Whiskey Facts:

Type: Blended American Whiskey

Distiller: Rebecca Creek Distillery

Bottler: Rebecca Creek Distillery

Cask: Not Mentioned

Age: No Age mentioned (NAS)

Strength: 40% ABV

Proof: 80 proof

Mash Bill: Blend of 8 year old Whiskey + neutral grain spirit

Texas Ranger Whiskey Review:




With a strong Vanilla scent, the flavors are soft and definitely not going to hit your olfactory lobes.

The aromas are smooth and plenty of floral and sweet hints with Maple syrup and coffee syrup flavors also coming in after an extended review.

This kind of nose flavors almost reminds you of a sweet bourbon whiskey but that is the only comparison that gets both together.

There is also no hint of Alcoholic aroma when you nose this one, which might be good or bad according to what you like.


As soon as the drink hits your palate, you will taste all those aromas that you felt while nosing.

This is a great aspect of the drink, however you also get to taste additional flavors like hints of Citrus, butterscotch and banana flavors.

There is also a hint of light oak but that is not going to suppress the sweet taste this one gives you right from the first drop.

There are lots of Vanilla and Nuts fragrance and taste all through the drink. 

This is definitely the bigger aspect of the taste and this gives the smoothness that you will feel overall. 


A Very quick finish with a very soft fire at the end. But, as felt during the previous notes, sweetness lingers all through the end.

Although the taste is smooth, you might feel a little underwhelmed with the texture of the drink itself. It might feel thin and watery and might not give you a balanced experience of taste and texture. 

This, however, should not bring down the quality of Texas Ranger Whiskey as a whole. This is a decent drink you can enjoy in Winter.


A great first drink to enter into the world of Whiskeys! However, if you are a Pro and someone who doesn’t love Sweet whiskies, this is NOT for you!

With plenty of Vanilla and nutty flavors and the sweetness, Texas Ranger Whiskey is a decent entry in this segment. On the other hand, this one provides plenty of scope for Cocktails.

Cocktails that you can make with this Texas Ranger Whiskey:

RECOMMENDATION: A decent drink for those who love Sweet whiskies, but definitely a SKIP for those who are purists. However, this is great for Whiskey cocktails like Manhattan, Old Fashioned, etc. For an American Blended Whiskey, this is just good.

RATING: 75/100


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