Whiskey And Coke Cocktail Recipe – Steps To Make Jack And Coke Drink

Whiskey and Cock Recipe

What is it with Coke, aka Coca-Cola! People always seem to like this drink for no reason! Or maybe there is a reason after all! 

Yes, you get it right! Coke is a universal drink, next to Water! Wait, is it too much of a Claim to be made? NO.

Coke is a Quintessential drink and it goes well with so many Spirits and still tastes so good!

Do you need an example? Take Whiskey and Coke, for example.

One of the easiest and cheapest cocktails to make is Whiskey and Coke. Add both the drinks in a rock glass in the ratio of 1:2, add some ice and there you go! 

Everything works in the favor of this drink – Coke’s sweet caramel flavor goes well with Whiskey’s Oaky taste.

Both their colors blend well and give a premium finish, the effervescence on Coke subtly neutralizes any strong hit-the-throat alcohol effect but still manages to give the fizzing feel.

Coke goes well with almost any liquor type – RUM, VODKA, GIN, TEQUILA and so on. But, this Whiskey and Coke? Right up there with the best and easiest cocktails to make and drink!

Whiskey and Coke Recipe

Whiskey and Coke Recipe

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Simplest, easiest and the most Popular Cocktail to make and drink! Whiskey and Coke will never disappoint you!
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Prep Time 2 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Total Time 2 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine Cocktail
Servings 1
Calories 160 kcal


  • 1 Rock glass
  • 1 Mixing Spoon


  • 2 oz. (60 ml) Whiskey
  • 4 oz. (120 ml) Coca Cola
  • Lemon Wedges


  • Take a Rock Glass and add ice cubes upto ¾ of the glass.
  • Add 1 part of Whiskey and 2 parts of Coca Cola.
  • Stir it up and add Lemon Slices for garnish.
  • Serve and Enjoy the drink.



Flavor: Caffeine
Strength: Medium
ABV: 15% (30 proof)


Calories: 160kcalCarbohydrates: 15g
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Tips To Make Whiskey and Coke

Jack Daniels is the most popular Whiskey brand that is being used in making this cocktail. The name of this drink itself is “Jake and Coke”. Lovely Rhyming, isn’t it? This drink is also called JD and Coke or Lemmy.

Citrus fruits make a great add on to Whiskey drinks. If you can squeeze out the juice and add the lemon slices, you get a nice different flavor. Moreover, the acidity of lemon balances out the sweetness of Coke.

Bourbon Whiskeys give a new dimension to this cocktail. The slight sweet taste of Bourbon and the Caffein taste of Coke works well and you will love this version of Whiskey and Coke.

If you can add clear ice cubes or nugget ice cubes, the entire drink inside the rock glass will look great as well.

One biggest advantage of this drink is, you can vary the proportions of Coke and Whiskey and they would still be better every time. It is up to you as to how much alcohol you want to consume!

You can substitute Coke with Diet Coke, but be aware of the Zero Sugar in the drink which may make you breath more alcohol and hence driving back home is risky.


There are aplenty! The proportions itself can be changed in terms of how much Whiskey and Coke needs to go into. And then, there is a choice of Whiskey.

Almost all popular Whiskey brands are decent enough to mix and Canadian, American, Irish each one is good enough. You can also substitute Coke with Root beer and what you get is Lynchburg Beer.

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An Evergreen Cocktail drink, Whiskey & Coke is best suited for any place and any time. No nonsense drink, with relatively the easiest ingredients and cheaper to make, Whiskey and Coke is subtle, depending on the ratio of both the drinks, and will you want more. 

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