About Us

Nothing can beat a favorite Bourbon, or a Cocktail on a nice Saturday Evening after a week long office job that had already taken a toll on us. Unwinding from a hectic schedule is always important for anyone, and if that is over a glass of Wine or Whiskey on the rocks. It is just letting all of our pressure out and relaxing and getting into the zone of complete bliss, where we talk about things that make us happy and have a relaxed time with our friends.

Well, this is exactly what we feel every week, or even every day, as a matter of fact. And that gave us an idea to start this blog to share all our knowledge on Whiskeys, and other spirits that never fails to elate us when needed. 

At Whiskey and more, you can enjoy reading so many things about your favorite drinks just as much as you love sipping them. We bring as many facts and interesting recipes of Cocktails that you can even try at your Home bar, if you have one.

For anything else related to Whiskeys and other alcoholic drinks, feel free to contact us at admin@thewhiskeyland.com and we will be more than happy to share our thoughts with you.

Happy Drinking!