Applesauce Shot Recipe – Easiest Sour Apple Cocktail Making Steps

A trippy and spicy cocktail shot, Applesauce Shot is a good drink to have for an extended night party with some really funny adventures.

  • ½ oz. (15 ml) Fireball
  • ½ oz. (15 ml) Apple Schnapps
  • ½ oz. (15 ml) Pineapple Juice
  • ½ oz. (15 ml) Hard Apple Cider
  • Fill a Cocktail shaker with ice and add all the above ingredients.
  • Shake them well and strain into shot glasses.
  • The shot glasses can be rimmed with Caramel syrup and Graham Crackers, if required.
  • Serve and Enjoy the drink!

Flavor: Apple
Strength: Medium
ABV: 30%

Calories: 150kcalCarbohydrates: 18g

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