The Whiskey Sour Revival Recipe

The Whiskey Sour Revival doesn’t have the same funny story as the Duck Fart Shot, but it’s got just as much impact in the cocktail world. Blending tradition with a twist of fun, this drink might inspire its own set of memes and an entirely new type of banter. Isn’t that what life is about, bringing things back to life? And what better way to do that than with a classic cocktail?

There are few drinks more elegant than a Whiskey Sour. It’s simple, but so biting it’ll cut right through your heart—just like making a bet. The finesse required to balance the whiskey’s sharpness with the zingy edge of lemon and pinch of sugar is comparable to risk-taking in poker; every move has to be bold and complex.

The Whiskey Sour has been adapted hundreds—probably thousands—of times throughout history. Each bartender adds his or her own twist, and when you’ve had enough you can fade into obscurity before swooping back in for another round in the sun. A million versions have already come out, but we’ve got a good feeling about ours.

Whether you’re feeling lucky or need a little guidance from Lady Fortune herself, here’s how you make our Whiskey Sour Revival:


  • 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
  • ¾ oz fresh lemon juice
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • Ice
  • A dash of egg white (optional)
  • Cherry or lemon twist for garnish


  • Combine Ingredients: In a shaker filled with ice, pour your whiskey, lemon juice and simple syrup (and egg white if using). If you’re adding egg white to any drink at all ever, do a dry shake first (without ice) to emulsify it.
  • Shake It Up: Shake until well-chilled then strain over fresh ice in your glass.
  • Garnish: Stick on either a cherry or twist of lemon peel. Presentation is key here, the drink looks this good for a reason.
  • Enjoy: Take a sip and feel how the complex interplay of flavors makes the whiskey’s warmth just soft enough to be nice.

The Whiskey Sour Revival is more than just a cocktail. It’s a nod to the classic appeal of whiskey and cocktails that have withstood the test of time. It’s like betting on a long-shot horse at a race, except instead of winning money, you’re rewarded with an amazing taste. Sometimes it pays off to take risks, and this cocktail is definitely one of them. So next time you’re feeling lucky, remember the Whiskey Sour Revival is always worth betting on. Cheers to victory in your future!

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