“Double Down” on Flavor with the Bourbon Smash

The Double Down Bourbon Smash is named in a fashion that has humor and the audacity of the Duck Fart Shot all mixed up together, instantly firing both curiosity and grins. A far cry from the Alaskan version, which takes its inspiration from poker, this drink is all about the high-roller scene where ‘doubling down’ isn’t just a play – it’s a way of telling others that you have an unbeatable hand; something similar to betting everything you have on a flush or full house, hoping luck will smile upon your determination.

This drink is a perfect match for the nights when the sounds of poker chips in your hand and the gentle shuffling of cards fill up the air; likewise for evenings that are filled with much energy and anticipation that only gambling could create. It is a beverage that resonates with its associated feeling of chance and success, mixing the daringness of bourbon, zinginess of mint, and sugary fruit to make a concoction both delightful to savor and salutatory to play at the poker table.

As if playing a perfect game of poker, the secret of the Double Down Bourbon Smash cocktail lies in its equilibrium and fusion. In this drink, each component is selected not only due to its taste qualities but also due to its capacity to harmonize with other parts, creating a drink that is tactical as well as enjoyable.


  • The ready-to-lead is a rich, full-bodied, high-quality Bourbon that can be taken in a quantity of 2 oz (60 ml).
  • In this dish, you may want to use half of a lemon wedge, which will bring the note of sourness and some brightness. At that time, several fresh mint leaves give a taste sensation of cold freshness which can be associated with a good flashoff when one is bluffing.
  • In the same sense, 1-2 tsp. Simple Syrup to give it an extra kick and add a sense of completeness to the drink.
  • Frosty crushed ice serves a dual purpose, keeping the beverage cool while also adding an element of dilution as the action gets more intense. Additionally, a dash of club soda may be introduced if you prefer your drink to be light and sparkling.
  • Some fresh mint leaves or a twist of lemon peel can be used as a garnish which gives the cocktail that finishing touch and adds another layer of complexity to the drink.


To muddle, start by putting the lemon wedge and mint leaves into a glass. Add some simple syrup, then give it a gentle mix. The goal is to extract the flavor from the ingredients without breaking them apart; similar to the first round of betting in poker – where players are still figuring out their strategies.

Serve the bourbon, the main attraction that adds flavor and sets a tone like a self-assured wager at a crucial moment.

Mixed drink: You would use a similar technique with an identical context as to how you would do that in strategizing your next move based on the flop in poker. Add crushed ice filling the glass to the brim and stir gently to let the flavors merge.

As a nice sparkling touch with the expectation of the river card falling, you can add a splash of club soda.

One of the finishing touches, which is Garnish: Decorate your cocktail with a leaflet or lemon twist, another stroke contributing to creating a great atmosphere that means you are already ready for the game and nothing can scare you anymore.

In a refined manner, relish the intricate taste of your Double Down Bourbon Smash while watching the play unravel. It will offer you a blend of flavors that will serve as an allegory for the interesting and pleasurable side of poker.

Flavor-wise, the taste is both sweet and sour with some hints of mint creating a well-balanced mix. In terms of strength, it can be described as strong.

ABV: The estimated alcohol content is 20 to 25%

In terms of calories, we can estimate around 180 kcal with carbohydrates at 10g while protein and fat constitute almost zero amounts

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