Mix Up an “All In Mint Julep”

While the Duck Fart Shot can brag with its unusual name and certainly boasts a special place in the line-up of drinks, the “All In Mint Julep” holds its own among the likes with an affectionate tribute to the gambling universe and especially to those moments of adrenaline while you are at the slots willing to do everything for victory by betting “all in”. This name reminds us of high stakes and a minty coolness that is probably an accurate representation of risk-taking, just as there may be when you decide to go all-in on your favorite slot machine, hoping for that big win!

However, the All In Mint Julep is completely distinct from the Duck Fart Shot, which has evolved in Alaska, but it was born from the romantic lands of Kentucky where horses and slot machines world merged together to bring forth this cocktail infused with tradition and just a trace of risk. It is not simply a beverage but also a gamble – you see, layering flavors is like building an orchestration that brings freshness to your palate as you feast your eyes on the LED lights and spinning reels of high roller slots.

Mixing an All In Mint Julep is not only about savoring a good drink but is also about celebrating the spirit of adventure and saying yes to life’s possibilities, whether on the track or in the gambling hall. Below is how to craft your own.


The heart of your wager is 2 oz. (60 ml) top-shelf Bourbon that is bold, potent, and teeming with unique flavor profiles.

Use some fresh mint leaves for muddling and garnish; they will add a note of coolness to each gulp. For sweetness and balance the bourbon’s power, pour ½ oz. (15 ml) of Simple Syrup.

One way of having it is by using a glass with crushed ice that could help keep your drink cold as your poker face. As to whether the water shall be added or not, this depends on your inclination: if you want to make your odds look better, then one can consider using a splash of water.


  • Text: Get your glass ready; choose a highball glass or a traditional silver julep cup to help you keep up with the theme. Making this choice is akin to selecting your favorite slot machine in the casino—it sets the stage for what’s about to unfold.
    Add a dash of sugar and muddle the mint leaves with it in your glass to extract the oils and aroma from the herb which would mix well with the syrup’s sweetness thus laying a solid base akin to that presented by an exquisitely spinning slot reel.
  • Add Bourbon: You need to pour the bourbon over the muddled mint and syrup. The bourbon is the most important part of this cocktail, it’s like placing a big bet or going “all in” on a promising hand.
  • Ice, Ice, Baby: Take the glass and fill it right to the brim with ice. It is like putting the coins into the slot machine – as though such action is a must, but at the same time enjoyable.
    To stir the mixture, you should do it slowly and allow all the tastes to blend together. This is the exhalation; like coming out of one’s shell, seeing everything one had worked so hard for all come to life.
  • Garnish: A small touch to the top, like a sprig of mint. This little win helps to keep you playing, cheery and appealing.
    Take a sip and let the flavors whisk you away to a world where decisions are uncertain but always promisingly good.
  • Strength: Minty Refreshingly Bold ABV: 20-30%

Calories range around 180 kcal while carbohydrates contain an average of 12g protein is absent and the fat is also zero.

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