Savoring the Blackjack Boulevardier

The origin of the Blackjack Boulevardier is an interesting story woven with ingredients and emotions. Unlike the Duck Fart Shot, which is just as quirky in name and tale, you will surely be amused by the Alaskan amusement, but perhaps your curiosity may be evoked for the gambling realm it hints at, as well as a world of classic drinks where sophistication reigns supreme. In fact, no alteration of its name is needed; if anything, why change something that portrays so fittingly the true nature of this bolder and luck-based indulgence?

Developed for the high players and the risk seekers, the Blackjack Boulevardier is a symbol of the pleasure that comes from taking risks in life. Though its beginning is not quite as remarkable as an impulsive decision made on a night spent in Alaska, its past lies within dark stonewalls, flavored with the tobacco smell of antique gambling dens and the bitter taste of fortune testing on each draw.

One can imagine this cocktail as a good blackjack card hand, made through the means of both strategy and luck, mixing a strong taste battle but in such an orderly manner that no flavor surpasses the other but equals each other; an intrinsic complexity and beauty as well-suited to the card’s shuffle.


For a rich and flavorful experience, I suggest using 1 oz. (30 ml) Rye Whiskey. It’s bold and daring, just like doubling down on a hand of 11.

As a type of bitter edge with the dealer’s next card in suspense, an ounce of Campari can be added.

Served in 1 oz. (30 ml) quantities, Sweet Vermouth works well to balance off the drink’s potency, its strong sense of bitterness smoothed out by a sweet touch that has all the satisfying familiarity of winning at blackjack.

A well-placed joke brings life to the gathering, and likewise, an orange peel topping lends a citrusy feel that enlivens this cocktail.


  • Firstly, get the ingredients: in a mixing glass full of ice, mix together rye whiskey, Campari, and sweet vermouth. Like playing cards in a game, each item is very important to the final result.
  • Mix: The mixture can be gently mixed to give the flavors time to marry each other and at the same time cool down the drink for that perfect temperature. Contemplating your next move in blackjack, this type of stirring is like a puzzle—considered, measured, and smart.
  • In terms of the strain, I suggest that you strain the mix into a pre-chilled cocktail glass and present it so that the final result looks like an example of a fantastic layout in a gambling place.
  • Garnish: Squeeze the orange peel onto the drink so that the oils come out, and then wipe it around the edge of the glass before dropping it in. This ultimate garnish is almost like a finishing touch to a poker game, an action that can elevate something ordinary to extraordinary.

This is a captivating cocktail – the Blackjack Boulevardier. It’s quite exotic; it might be somewhat risky but when you gulp it down, you will definitely enjoy the mellow sweetness of victory.

The flavor is characterized by a bitter taste, with an underlying sweetness. As for the strength, it can be considered strong, having an alcohol content ranging from 25% to 30%.

Amount: Roughly 200 kcal; Carbohydrates: About 15 g; Protein: Not; Fat: Also not

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