Crafting The Royal Flush Manhattan

Before you even see the menu, you’ll find that the name on it is irresistible. The Royal Flush Manhattan sounds cheeky and ludicrously-named Duck Fart Shot must tickle your funny bone. So considering all this must be an adult drink, right? I mean what can be classier than a Manhattan? But still, the name is captivating enough to make one want to try it.

By contrast, The Royal Flush Manhattan is a gamble on a singular streamlined flavor, unlike the deep-into-the-core Alaskan one which never lets go until you drink it dry and start to feel it receding into you. This will make the moment of victory linger on your taste buds. When celebrating triumphs, it is important that they are savored, not rushed.

The rye whiskey is not too spicy, so it’s mellow in the mix. Sweet vermouth complements this flavor with its slightly sweet taste and rich texture. To enhance the drink’s taste, Angostura bitters are added and help to provide another level of flavor at the same time: it creates just a little zing at the back of your throat that you enjoy; however, cherry liqueur starts off by releasing a cloud of floral scents on your nose when poured and once you have taken it down, leaves behind fruity notes on your palate.

After it has been chilled, you can serve this drink with a nice finish that would be achieved by simply topping it with a maraschino cherry for added visual interest.


  • What you will need is a two-ounce measure of rye whiskey.
  • To make this recipe, you will need half an ounce of Sweet Vermouth.
  • Pour in 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters.
  • One half ounce of cherry liqueur.
  • There are many unique cherry varieties in the world, one of which is maraschino cherry.
  • Ice


  • Chill your glass: Let it cool in the freezer so that when we finish preparing all other ingredients, it will be pleasantly cold.
  • Mix all the ingredients: in a mixing glass put 2 ounces (60 ml) of Rye Whiskey, ½ ounce (15 ml) of Sweet Vermouth, two dashes of bitters and ½ ounce (15 ml) of Cherry Liqueur and add some ice cubes to it. The strong flavor combination that results is key to your success here; it really helps make the finished product shine.
    Being positive, grab your long spoon and stir the whole mixture carefully, this will help to keep its transparency as a poker face conceals cards.
  • Use this method: Pour the mixture from your glass into a chilled cocktail glass. The drink should be transparent, to demonstrate that you can drink even from a royal flush.
  • Garnish: Crown your success with an exquisite maraschino cherry.
  • Inhale: Consider the nuances of flavor that this drink offers, while taking small sips. It starts with a touch of sweetness, followed by a kick of spice and ends with an unexpected burst from the bitters – an experience akin to gambling itself.
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